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Initiative Enhancer - Magnet version

Initiative Enhancer - Magnet version

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Enrich & clarify your initiative tracker experience with this Initiative Enhancer.

Place the playing Minis on an Initiative Enhancer and use them to keep better track of your turns. Use sets in different colors to indicate groups/minis that belong together.

Furthermore, it is possible to use the Initiative Enhancer in combination with other initiative trackers, to easily indicate the difference between (enemy) characters with the same minis.

Use the Initiative Enhancers as you wish and explore the different possibilities!

With every Initiative Enhancer - Magnet version you get a number of metal plates to attach your minis. Place one of the metal plates on the bottom of your favorite mini. The mini can then be placed on the Initiative Enhancers and will remain in place thanks to the magnet in the Initiative Enhancers .

With 5x Initiative Enhancers you get 5 metal plates included.

With 10x Initiative Enhancers you get 12 metal plates included.

With 15x Initiative Enhancers you get 20 metal plates included.

With 20x Initiative Enhancers you get 25 metal plates included.

Additional metal plates can be ordered separately.

NB! If you have minis with a base other than a standard 1 inch round base, the Initiative Enhancer - Magnet version may not work with your minis. We advise to use the Initiative Enhancer – Putty version.


  • PLA
  • Neodymium magnet
  • 26mm metal disc


28mm diameter x 14mm high

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