Story of I Do Hobbys

I Do Hobbys was founded with the aim of turning hobby projects into products. You will mainly find products related to: design, 3D printing , programming & electronics. But this can be expanded in the future if other interests are discovered. I Do Hobbys is therefore open to all kinds of ideas that can be made into reality. The possibilities are as wide as your imagination.

So feel free to send us a message via Mail, Whatsapp or Instagram. We look forward to all your questions and ideas.

For who is I Do Hobbys intended for?

I Do Hobbys is intended for:

  • TTRPG Adventurers
  • Sticker, Badge and other decorative accessory enthusiasts
  • Those who want to have something custom made

How does I Do Hobbys work

Custom items:

If something needs to be custom made, this is usually done
in two ways:

1. If the service is already provided on I Do Hobbys, you can select that service in the webshop and you can deliver the relevant files / materials.

2. If the service for the relevant product does not exist, you can contact I Do Hobbys to see if your idea / product can be made.

Ready-made products on

You can ofcourse buy the standard products in the webshop, if you now have feedback about a product or if you want to have it adjusted to your taste. Then just contact me via Mail, Whatsapp or Instagram.

People behind I Do Hobbys

Justin van Bruchem: Owner/Founder

I'm Justin van Bruchem, I'm the owner / founder of I Do Hobbys. I have always enjoyed making things for myself and others. By setting up I Do Hobbys I can bring my own ideas and those of others to the wide world.

My background consists mostly of self-learned skills such as 3D-Printing. In addition to self-learned skills, I have also learned a lot from training such as working with Electronics, Arduino, C++, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP & SQL. I am also always looking for new ways to realize things that I want to make.